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  楊曉輝、又名杨默楊曉暉。自号 瘦馬   、網用筆名、灌園叟。



Author brief introduction

Yang Xiaohui, also known as Yang Mo, Yang Xiaohui. Self-titled thin horse, net pen name, irrigation man.

Headline registered name, green-breasted scholar, Shijiazhuang Gaocheng District. Born in 1966, he studied in junior high school for two years. Self-taught high school, university culture courses. In the 1990s, he published modern poetry and began to learn to write classical poetry after 2010.

His works are scattered in Chinese Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting, Chinese Poetry Monthly, Yanzhao Zhao Poetry, Changbaishan Poetry, Hong Kong Summer Sound, Yulin Poetry, Guangxi Baise Poetry, Jiangxi Lianxi, Shenzhen Poetry and Ugly Stone, and more than 30 poetry magazines all over the country. Published nearly 400 works...


              《金缕曲》 述怀

    往事难回首 。悔当初、轻狂任性,滥交匪友 。误入传销招祸水,惹我一身恶臭 。细细想、心污蒙垢 。利令智昏头脑热,竟把那、法律抛身后 。直陷我,铁门毂 。

  如今囹圄高墙囿 。伫窗前、形影支单,鬓苍积厚 。老母床前谁尽孝?每日情牵梦诱 !长夜永、分行秒走 。更恨年华如水逝 ,月空明、碧海霜天昼  。情切处,泪湿袖 。


   岁华惊晚,重阳过、满园枫又红遍。 家乡咫尺不能归,愁写苍桑颜。独寂寞,叶凋片片。 悠悠乱撞扰人面。 怅狴犴天涯程漫慢。 风华正茂,客思难遣。      

   昏灯淡照白墙,冷风苦雨,如此凄凉谁见?寄怀长忆慈萱老,百里春风浅。 叹太息、分长秒短,雄心漫逐白云远。 听蛩声,南窗底。 隐隐败嘶,惆怅无限。

               《临江仙》 感怀

    一望高墙愁几许?春来柳絮蒙蒙。 东风吹过黛峦青,新裁银杏树,郁郁绿荫浓。

  乱雨烟波长恨事,十年守望围城。 生死悲欢料难凭。 清风虽有意,明月总无情。

              《钗头凤》 忏、悔

  风波过,囚城客,轻狂铸就终身错。 月如船,水无边。 茫茫星汉,耿耿霜天。 忏、忏、忏。

  鸿鹄徙,八千里。 ,十年羁旅从头起。   愿相违,恨长随。 时光易老,岁月难追。 悔、悔、悔 。

Wen/Guanyuan Man Yang Xiaohui

Commentary on Hamamelis

The past is hard to recall. Regret the original, reckless self-willed, make bandits and friends indiscriminately. Mistakenly entering pyramid marketing brings disaster to me and stinks me all over. Think carefully and feel dirty. Benefits make wisdom dizzy, and even leave behind the law. Straight into me, iron gate hub.

Nowadays, the nursery is surrounded by high walls. In front of the window, shadows and sheets, thick temples. Who is filial before the old mother's bed? Daily love leads to dreams! Long night, every minute.  More hate the passage of time, such as water, clear moon, blue sea frost day and day. Love, tears wet sleeve.

Commentary on Frost Leaf Flying

Suihua was frightened late, Chongyang was celebrated, Manyuan Maple became popular again. Home is too close to return, sad to write Cangsang Yan. Lonely, leaves withered. Long and disorderly bump into people's faces. It's a long way to go. It's full of vigor and vitality, but it's hard for us to think about it.

Dusk lights light the white walls, cold wind and bitter rain, so desolate who see? I cherish the memory of the old Cixuan and the shallow spring breeze in a hundred miles. Sigh too much, minutes and seconds too short, ambition wandering white clouds far away. Listen to grunts, south window bottom. Hidden failure, infinite melancholy.

Feelings of Linjiang Xian

How sad is it to look at the high wall? Willow catkins are cloudy in spring. The east wind blows through Dai Luan Qing, the newly cut Ginkgo biloba trees, full of lush green shade.

Rain and smoke wavelength hatred, ten years to watch the siege of the city. Life and death are hard to depend on. Although the wind is deliberate, the moon is always ruthless.

Confession and Regret in "Chai Tou Feng"

Wind, prisoners, recklessly casting life-long mistakes. The moon is like a boat, the water is boundless. The vast stars and men, Geng Geng frost days. Repentance, repentance and repentance.

The great Oriole migrates eight thousand miles. Ten years of detention started from scratch. Wish to go against each other, hate to follow. Time is easy to grow old, but time is hard to catch up with. Regret, regret, regret.

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